5 Signs Your Parking Lot or Driveway Needs Repaving

Sometimes you can’t see the lot for the tires. You drive up and down the same patches of concrete paving almost every day. You get used to it. 

And after a while you don’t even really see it anymore. But your driveway or parking lot says a lot to the people who visit your home or business. Keep reading for some signs that your parking lot or driveway needs repaving.

1. Cracks
Cracks form naturally as your driveway ages. Small cracks are easy to repair but if your driveway has a number of long, deep or wide cracks then a quick patch job probably won’t cut it. One of the paving contractors from Island Asphalt in Victoria can help you decide if it’s time for a new driveway.

2. Erosion
Wind, water and bad weather can do a number on just about any surface, including asphalt and concrete paving. If you notice that the edges of your driveway are crumbling away, then it’s probably time to have your driveway repaved.

3. Holes
Like cracking and erosion, potholes are a sign that your driveway is due to be replaced. You might be tempted to simply fill in the hole but that won’t solve the problem for long. Filled potholes leave you with an uneven driveway and can make the surrounding pavement weaker and more susceptible to damage.

4. Drainage problems
If water from rain, ice or snow pools in your driveway or parking lot then you may have a drainage problem. There are a number of solutions than can help your driveway or parking lot shed water more efficiently including:
  • Adding a drain
  • Adjusting the slope
  • Using curbs to direct water flow

5. Appearance

Sometimes your driveway might need replacing just for the sake of appearances. Older driveways and parking lots can become aged and weathered looking. They may be covered in cracks or patches and have a run-down appearance. If that’s the case, new paving can give your driveway a look that will compliment your home or business.

Your parking lot or driveway is the first impression that people have of your home or business. Be sure to send the right message. Island Asphalt is a division of O.K. Paving, which has been providing a full range of paving services in Victoria and throughout Vancouver Island since 1944. From highways to driveways, our paving contractors pave the island. Contact us today for an estimate or to learn more about our paving services.
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