Getting Creative with Decorative Asphalt & Concrete in Victoria!

Tired of every concrete driveway on the block looking identical? Are you considering paving a driveway or walkway at your Victoria residence? Or, maybe it’s time to redo the parking lot at your place of business?

If so, and you aren’t inspired by the same old black-tar look of traditional asphalt, then maybe decorative asphalt or concrete is the way to go. Several pavers in Victoria, BC now offer stamped decorative asphalt and concrete which transforms traditional paving into beautiful imitation stone, slate or brick in a range of colours and textures.

What is decorative asphalt?
Decorative asphalt is created by first heating ordinary asphalt to soften it, then stamping it to give the impression of paving stone, slate or brick. Afterwards, it’s compacted and treated with an epoxy compound to protect and give it the desired texture and colour. It may be hard to believe, but the decorative asphalt process allows you to transform the deep black of traditional asphalt into nearly any colour you want. There’s no quicker, more cost-effective way to drastically increase the curb appeal of your home or make your place of business more unique or inviting.

An affordable option.
Because the installation of decorative asphalt in Victoria is so fast and efficient, the cost is substantially less than other paving options. Additionally, if your existing asphalt is in good condition, you can stamp it directly without needing to pay for new pavement.

A long-lasting product.
The truth is that ordinary asphalt is one of the most durable paving materials available. When you add the required epoxy coating, you in fact make it even more durable and water repellant. Furthermore, the coating makes the pavement resistant to de-icing chemicals and protects it from UV rays. The main reason the lifespan of an asphalt or concrete driveway, parking lot or walkway may be compromised is poor installation. So, if you want your asphalt to last, hire a reputable paver in Victoria who will guarantee the work. There’s no reason why top-quality, well-maintained asphalt can’t last a full 25 years.

Low maintenance.
Properly installed stamped or coloured asphalt in Victoria needs next to no maintenance: no bricks and stones to dig out and reset in spring and no weeds to pull out of cracks. The epoxy coating is so tough; you may never need to seal it again.

Experienced pavers do it best.
Interested in finding out more about decorative asphalt or concrete in Victoria? Contact us at Island Asphalt Co for a free estimate. We are the go-to pavers in Victoria. Call us today!

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